Birds of an NFC Feather Will Gather in Phoenix, AZ

In a continuing series of unlikely outcomes in the NFL playoffs, the NFC Championship Game will be the second home playoff game ever for the Arizona Cardinals franchise as the New York Giants failed to muster anything resembling a professional offense in a 23-11 loss in the Meadowlands.

Eli Manning

It’s not quite like the Cardinals’ road to success, which has been paved with hands clenching throats in the form of six turnovers in Charlotte and three by the Falcons.  The Giants only turned the ball over twice (though two fourth-and-shorts had the feel of ball dispossession).

The Eagles’ defense just slammed the door on Eli Manning and an overpowered offensive line and cleared the way for an NFC title match in an unlikely locale: the Aviary in Glendale, recreating Turkey Day’s matchup, a 48-20 win for Philly.

Tickets have gone on sale as of this moment for Arizona residents
; the rest of the country may join in the mind-bending combination of Illinois’ state bird and the nation’s winged champion on Tuesday.  The two aged quarterbacks (Kurt Warner and Donovan McNabb) will feel at home in Arizona, where most people roll out to their right in their golf carts (and never, ever to the left).