Birds Invade Tigers Mets Game

TIGERS-METS SUNDAY SERIES FINALE GONE TO THE BIRDS: Not only do our feathered friends enjoy international soccer, they also love a good inter-league matchup:

seagulls Tigers Mets game

Sunday’s Tigers-Mets game had some spectators who just flew in: a flock of seagulls. There were about 50 birds inside Comerica Park - mostly in the outfield - during the first inning, and about half of those stuck around for the rest of the game.

A Flock of Seagulls

Sean Casey wasn’t too perturbed by the visitors. “There must have been good bugs around me, because I had the same two gulls at first base the whole game.”


The birds weren’t much of a nuisance, except for shouting “Mine!” at every fly ball.