Billy To Be Sent Packing? “D-U-I” Chant For ‘Melo

No more candy & ice cream for the Yankees? Aw, nuts (& dried fruit & granola)!

• CBS might finally be telling college analyst Billy Packer to pack it in.

Billy Packer

Carmelo Anthony gets treated to special chants at Staples Center.

• An NBA D-Leaguer expresses his desire for “The Office” actress Jenna Fischer through the power of poetry.

• Massive Colorado mascot Ralphie buffalOWNS one of his trainers.

• Quite a weekend for the Manning boys - Eli hits the altar, while Peyton hits the bar.

• Some of these questions NFL teams are asking potential draft picks are getting a bit too personal.

• The Duke Blue Devils called upon the heavens to release its fury - just to postpone a baseball game they were losing.

Mark Jackson is intrigued by the Knicks’ new coaching vacancy. Yes, train wrecks can be very intriguing.

• 17-year-old golfer Tadd Fujikawa wins his first pro tourney. Our high school jobs never netted us $13,500 for a few days work.

• When football coaches yell “Get the lead out!“, they might be referring to the actual playing surface.

Billy Packer Final Four Alamodome