Billy Packer Accuses Charlie Rose Of Fagging Out On Him During PBS Talk Show

NEWSBREAKER: CHARLIE ROSE IS BILLY PACKER’S FAG HAG: Reason #73,464 why Billy Packer’s merlot-stained cranium needs to be stopped from further plaguing TV audiences:

Billy Packer Charlie Rose Fag Out YouTube Video

When TV talk show host Charlie Rose facetiously offered on-air to be a “runner” for Packer on CBS Final Four broadcasts, Packer laughed and said, “you always fag out on that one for me.” (priceless video scared up by’s Bill Simmons and The Mighty MJD in da AOL Fanhouse)

Billy Packer Charlie Rose Fag Hag

In Packer’s defense, perhaps what he merely meant was he was hoping Rose would fetch him some Pall Malls for each of CBS’ 64 TV timeouts during the broadcasts.