Billy Beane Bored with Baseball, Switches Sports?

Billy Beane, Oakland Athletics general manager and winner of… let’s check… zero World Series rings since taking over in 1997, has been rumored to be leaving the post for the last few months in search of greener pastures. Those pastures, however, are likely to still have leftover football markings or deflated pitching mounds on them.

Billy Beane soccer

That’s because it’s believed Beane wants to spend more time with the San Jose Earthquakes, the MLS team also owned by the owners of the A’s, and might leave baseball entirely for soccer. The ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS noted this week that Beane’s first lieutenant has been turning down all GM interviews, perhaps believing he has the A’s post when it opens up.

Beane has been helping the Quakes build a statistical model to let them succeed even without the best salaries (as MLS weighs the teams from larger markets a bit more favorably) and has the taste of EPL footie from his Tottenham Hotspur fanhood.

Still, we can’t help but find this incredibly foolish on either the part of the rumor-mongers (us included) or Beane. There’s unfinished business in Oakland and one man best suited to complete the task as the A’s move into a new stadium soon(ish). Billy Beane, we don’t see the market forces you’d be exploiting to succeed here.