Bills’ Ko Simpson To Cops: “I Am Worth Millions!”

If you had Ko Simpson in your “first NFL player to get arrested in the new year” pool, you’re a big winner today. The Bills safety even played the “do you know who I am?” card to police before being arrested in Rock Hill, South Carolina. It didn’t work, mostly because identifying yourself as a Bill isn’t exactly going to work in your favor these days.

Ko Simpson

Simpson says he was just checking on his friend, Frederick Hart, who was detained by security at a local bar when he sped through the parking lot while a fracas of some sort was occurring in the wee hours of New Year’s morning. Sounds like Rock Hill knows how to party.

The most hilarious part of the story comes from what Simpson was allegedly shouting repeatedly to officers in the parking lot.

According to the ROCK HILL HERALD, Simpson was being a jerk to police officers who were attempting to apprehend Hart:

Simpson was in Hart’s vehicle and “was being verbally abusive” to police, the report stated. He was asked to leave several times, but kept saying, “I’m Ko Simpson with the Buffalo Bills. I am worth millions!”

Simpson finally began to leave the parking lot, but as police were struggling secure people who were under arrest, Simpson walked back yelling and screaming, trying to get to Hart.

I love that not only did he decide to use the phrase “I am worth millions!” but also thought that the officers might change their tune when they heard it for the eighth time. That kind of thing always works on cops.

Simpson thinks the whole thing is bogus:

“It’s not what happened. … Basically, man, this is a bunch of bull,” he said of the police account.

When asked if he would go to court to get his name cleared, he said, “I don’t know. I’m going to let my people handle that.”

Good thing he’s got all these millions sitting around. He might not otherwise be able to have “people” who can help clear his name for bragging about being worth millions. Going through all that might not be worth it, as Simpson was released on a  $470 bond and is unlikely to face any real ongoing legal troubles.

For what it’s worth, Simpson signed a four-year, $2.13 million contract in 2006. So he’s worth the bare minimum that the word “millions” can describe.

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