Bills FB Busted For Masturbating in Woman’s Yard

Buffalo Bills fullback Corey McIntyre recently signed a new two-year contract with the team. So how did he celebrate? Naturally, by allegedly giving his junk a workout in front of a 59-year-old woman’s house during his morning bike ride. How charming.

Corey McIntyre

McIntyre was arrested yesterday and charged with misdemeanor exposure of sexual organs stemming from the incident, which happened on March 20th in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The victim of the “display” was just sitting at her computer, enjoying her morning coffee, when she was delivered the package she didn’t order.

TCPALM.COM has the bizarre details:

The 59-year-old victim told police she was at her home about 8:30 a.m. sitting at the computer when she heard a knock at the window. The blinds were closed or mostly closed, and when she looked out the window she saw a man masturbating.

The man was described as being about 5 feet 10 inches tall and in his 20s. He reportedly had dreadlocks and wore a white T-shirt, dark pants and had a muscular build. An officer spotted a muscular man on a bicycle, and when the victim was taken to the man said, “That’s him.”

Well, at least he had the manners to use a courtesy knock. But really, doing your thing at 8:30 in the morning in front of some Florida grandmother’s house is a pretty sad way to roll.

McIntyre, who has played for five NFL teams over the past seven seasons, says it wasn’t him:

McIntyre, who grew up in Indiantown, denied masturbating or exposing himself. He said he was on his daily bicycle exercise route, and offered to show the route to officers.

If I was one of the officers, I wouldn’t be accepting Corey’s offer to show me anything.

No word on whether or not Carl Monday was involved in apprehending McIntyre.