Bills Fans All Ready To Raise The Roof In Toronto

When the Bills lost an AFC East home game to a neutral field in Toronto, they were understandably upset about not having a home field advantage. Well, now they’re trying to find a way to get it back, signing a petition demanding officials in Toronto open the Rogers Centre’s retractable roof to better simulate the conditions at Orchard Park’s Ralph Wilson Stadium.

crazy bills fan shirtless

(This man wants Toronto to open the Rogers Centre roof. Seriously.)

Yes, you read that right. Given a brief reprieve from an area constantly assaulted with some of the nation’s hardest winters, Buffalo fans are insisting the cold be brought in, much to the chagrin of the Dolphins and their fans, who, according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, were ecstatic at getting out of a traditionally frigid date in upstate New York.

Dolphins players are certainly all in the same camp, as you can tell from the quote after the jump.

“No! Don’t do that,” Dolphins defensive end Matt Roth said. “I hope it’s closed for the fans’ sake, for all those West Palm fans. We don’t want them to open the roof.”

It sounds like Roth and his teammates won’t have to worry, with Rogers Communications, the game’s host, saying that the roof can’t possibly be opened after the Blue Jays’ season ends.

“I wish we could open it,” Rogers Communications spokesman Adrian Montgomery said. “But please let them know that we recognize how important this game really is. And we will do everything in our power to replicate the frenzied atmosphere at Ralph Wilson Stadium.”

Montgomery and his corporate cohorts can breathe a little easier knowing that the Bills themselves aren’t sure they want the roof open. In reporter John Wawrow’s story, receiver Lee Evans was in favor of colder weather while fellow receiver Josh Reed was emphatically opposed to any alteration in his week away from the Buffalo snow. How emphatically? Try this:

“Hell no. Are we not human?” receiver Josh Reed said. “We might get an edge, but I think I can probably speak for a few players on this team that I’d rather play indoors.”

Well, that settles it. Not everyone in Buffalo is crazy. Maybe most are, but not the entire city. Or maybe Reed is a surprising beacon of sanity in a snowstorm of climate-resistant madness.

bills fan

Not that pleas for sanity will sway Bills fans. Or Santa and his reindeer. Maybe it will, but those two might just skip Toronto if they can’t fly in through the roof. That’s kind of their deal.