Bills Bum Rush Toronto Fans on Ticket Prices

O Canada, wait till you hear this: tickets to those Buffalo Bills games in Toronto will run you a pretty loonie. Like, say, a gaggle of them. Toronto has just received a snow job of international proportions.

Unless you scoop up one of the few US$55 seats near the Aurora Borealis in Rogers Centre, start considering which of your children you will miss least when sold to gypsies to afford the tickets. Sideline seats near the end zone will run US$295. Prices for choice seats closer to the 50-yard line will run more, but no one dare mention the price yet.

McKenzie Brothers

(How much, ya hoser?)

Better yet! You’re not just buying one seat, lucky hosers. That’s the price for all eight games (three preseason and five regular season) over the next five seasons. Each. And you have to buy tickets for all eight games. No exceptions.

We believe how Toronto fans of the Bills must feel about the deal now that they’ve seen more of the fine print below where the Devil NFL made them sign: