Bill Romanowski And The Beatles Have More In Common Than You Think

IF ONLY LENNON HAD GOTTEN HIS HANDS ON NANDROLONE: Finally someone, ANYONE (Chuck Klosterman of ESPN Magazine), puts athletes who take perfomance boosting drugs in correct perspective, and unleashes the kliegs on the hyper-hypocrisy of the majority of us who sit in jowled judgement of the sport-for-hire chemistry set: “… not that all drugs are the same, nor that drugs are awesome, nor that the Beatles needed LSD to become the geniuses they already were.

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My point is that sports are unique in the way they’re retrospectively colored by the specter of drug use. East Germany was an Olympic force during the 1970s and ’80s; today, you can’t mention the East Germans’ dominance without noting that they were pumped full of Ivan Drago-esque chemicals.

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This relationship changes the meaning of their achievements. You simply don’t see this in other idioms. Nobody looks back at Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and says, “I guess that music is okay, but it doesn’t really count. Those guys were probably high in the studio.