Big Tuna Snubbed Taylor During “Dancing” Break

Jason Taylor continues to samba his way into the hearts of millions of ABC viewers, as the Miami Dolphin keeps on Dancing With The Stars.

Jason Taylor Bill Parcells

However, team management isn’t so happy that their defensive star has traded off-season workouts for on-camera waltzes. Particularly perturbed is Bill Parcells, and as Armando Salguero of the MIAMI HERALD points out, relations between the Big Tuna and Edyta Sliwinska’s sidekick are past the point of repair:

Two weeks ago, Taylor took a break from his dancing gig and visited the Dolphins. He visited with teammates in the locker room and, after a warm reception, decided to call on Parcells.

Taylor walked into a room where Parcells was watching tape, and Parcells ignored him. He looked at Taylor and went back to his work without saying a word.

Oh no he didn’t! Classic burn!

Even though Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has said of Taylor, “We want the guy back,” Miami management spent the past week entertaining offers for the dancing defender. It’s a pretty safe bet that Jason will be jettisoned to some other NFL squad before the season starts.

And they better do it quickly. Parcells hates long goodbyes. May we suggest scrambled eggs for the farewell dinner?