Parcells Denies Taylor Snub, Blames Hearing Aids

We can’t believe our ears over the latest turn in the Jason Taylor saga. It’s well known that the Dolphins weren’t too pleased with their defensive star out Dancing With The Stars when he should have been (voluntarily) working out with the team. In fact, Bill Parcells apparently gave Jason the cold shoulder during an earlier visit, and coach Tony Sparano announced that Taylor wouldn’t be coming to camp.

Jason Taylor Bill Parcells

Now everyone seems to be changing their tune. Sparano says he wants Taylor back on the field with the ‘Fins. And Parcells denies giving Jason the big brush-off. And if he did snub Taylor, it wasn’t intentional - Bill just forgot his hearing aids that day.

CBS 4 in Miami listens up to Parcells’ explanation:

“It’s not true. It’s my understanding — OK, and I could be misinterpreting, but I don’t think I am — that he came to meet with coach Sparano. There were 25 or 30 people in this room, we were doing film, and apparently, he may have stuck his head in the door and maybe I wasn’t paying attention. I wear hearing aids. That particular day, I didn’t have them with me. I’m not trying to make an excuse, bu there was no intentional, calculated, disrespectful thing that I personally did. I know that for a fact.”

Bluetooth hearing aid

Oh, so it was all a big misunderstanding. Bill just didn’t hear him come in. Maybe next time the coach can pick up one of these.

It must also be dawning on the Dolphins that when you finish the previous season 1-15, you need all the All-Pro help you can get. Or maybe they want him back just so they can tease him about losing to Kristi Yamaguchi.