Bill Murray’s Golf Skills Could Use A Little Work

Actor and comedian Bill Murray loves golf. He’s done movies about golf (Caddyshack), made TV series about golf (The Sweet Spot), written books about golf (Cinderella Story), and opened golf-themed restaurants (Murray Bros. Caddyshack). Even when Murray gets a DUI, he gets it in a golf cart (in Sweden). As you might expect from a golf fanatic with nothing but time and money to burn, Murray plays in a lot of celebrity pro/am-type golf tournaments, including this weekend’s Outback Pro/Am in Tampa, Florida.

Caddyshack gopher

Unfortunately for Murray, however, he doesn’t seem to be very good at the game in which he’s invested so much of his life. Murray was playing the 9th hole of TPC Tampa Bay when his errant tee shot sailed across the street and hit innocent bystander Gail DiMaggio in the head as she stood in her front yard.

DiMaggio had stepped out of her house hoping to catch a glimpse of Murray, and she got much more than she bargained for, according to ESPN:

She was overjoyed when she saw me because she said she had come out to see me and her husband had just said, ‘I hope he hits it over here,’  said Murray, who did not finish his round. After signing his scorecard he joked with reporters that DiMaggio isn’t the first spectator he’s hit.

Well, as long as he thinks it’s funny, I guess it’s OK. Reporters were unable to get a funny soundbite from DiMaggio since she was in the hospital after, you know, getting hit in the head with a freaking golf ball.

And I bet you didn’t think I could make it through this post without resorting to Caddyshack quotes. Ha!