Bill Murray Brings Some Carl Spackler to US Open

Boy, that was some U.S. Open last week, wasn’t it? Eh, all anyone will remember is how much it rained and that neither Tiger nor Phil won it. (No offense, Danny Lucas Glover.) But while Bethpage Black became Bethpage bath, Bill Murray stopped by to soak in all the fun - literally!

Bill Murray then & now

But you may ask yourself, what does Bill Murray have to do with golf? And if you do ask such a question, turn in your man card immediately. And if you’re a woman asking this question, your husband/boyfriend must rip up their man cards post haste. Why Mr. Murray was one of the seminal pieces of the greatest motion picture ever made about life on the links: Tin Cup…er, Caddyshack.

Yeah, Bill’s gettin’ older and doing more serious film work, trying to ease away from slapstick lowbrow comedy. But he’s at a freakin’ golf course - couldn’t he give us a least a smidgen of Carl Spackler?

Lucky for us, he doesn’t disappoint. Here’s Bill chatting it up with a reporter from WPIX-TV in NYC:

(In case you’re having trouble with the video, here’s the link.)

Of course, that’s from the scene where Carl is caddying for the priest in a vicious rainstorm. You know - the priest misses his final putt, raises his club to the heavens & shouts “Rat farts!“, then gets struck by lightning. Powerful stuff.

I, for one, am glad he didn’t break into the whole “Cinderella Story” routine. Although that is one of the most memorable and oft-quoted scenes in cinematic history, it have been a bit played out. Nice to see Bill trot out one of the lesser-known Caddyshack quips, so a new generation can appreciate more to Carl’s character than just, “It’s in the hole!

The Dalai Lama story was good, though:

And I always get a chuckle out of, “Correct me if I’m wrong, Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up & throw away the key“: