Bill Buckner Spoofs Self In Sports Parody The Comebacks

BILL BUCKNER ROLLING ALONG WITH “COMEBACKS” CAMEO: If those annoying ads with Dane Cook shilling the MLB postseason and Frank Caliendo hocking “Frank TV” haven’t driven you away from the set, then you also might have caught some ads for the upcoming film, “The Comebacks”.

Bill Buckner Comebacks poster

In one of the spots for the upcoming sports parody movie, you may have seen a clip of Lambeau Fields (played by David Koechner) distracting Bill Buckner during the 1986 World Series.

Turns out that really *is* Bill Buckner. BUSINESS WIRE rolls us the news that the former BoSox first baseman was reenacting his famous faux pas for the film-going public.

And he’s scheduled to talk all about it on Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s “Hot Seat” (check local listings).

Red Sox Fever Pitch

Who bets Bill wouldn’t be doing this had 2004 turned out differently? Maybe it’s Buckner’s attempt at reversing Boston’s bad cinema karma, since the Sox ruined their feel-good story by allowing Jimmy Fallon on the field.

SIDE NOTE: While searching for Buckner’s film appearance, we came across this amusing video of the final inning of Game 6 - as visualized by Nintendo’s RBI Baseball:

1986 Series Nintendo RBI Baseball

It’s about 9 minutes long, but cracks us up in a way only 8-bit graphics featuring Vin Scully’s voice can.