Bikini Sports Bar Set to Open Next to Prep School

Move over, Hooters - you’ve got a new foe in the field of scantily-clad food service. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill is slowly but surely making inroads into the risque restaurant business, with eateries already established in Austin & San Marcos, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bikinis Sports Bar

And restaurant #4 is set to open in San Antonio, on the city’s northwest side. As you would expect with a bikini-themed bar, there is controversy brewing from concerned citizens. Along with the usual moral outrage of young women in very revealing clothing (I, for one, am not outraged in the least), there is concern about the new restaurant’s location - right next to a prep school.

(More pics of the wait staff after the jump.)

WOAI-TV reports that Bikinis will be opening for business right next to San Antonio Preparatory Academy - and parents aren’t very pleased:

“If it does happen, and it sounds like it may happen, my kids may go to another school next year,” said parent Dori Arzola-Midlane.

Bikinis Sports Bar

San Antonio Prep is also a place where many church groups supposedly meet. With the new bikini sports bar going up next door, you’d think meeting attendance would soar as more men find religion - while looking for some hot wings.

But let it not be said that the new restaurant in town doesn’t care about the concerns of the community:

For more than an hour, the Bikini’s owner Doug Guller listened to parents, church goers, and city leaders who are concerned about drunken behavior, women in bikini tops, and the safety of their children at the school.

“I think they are just getting the wrong impression about who we are,” explained Guller. “Because we are a restaurant.”

Bikinis Sports Bar

Both Guller & concerned citizens will get a chance to meet again, as Bikinis is waiting for its state liquor license to be okayed before they start serving.

To be fair, both the school & sports bar are also next to the South Texas Medical Center, a commercial area filled with hospitals & other health-related businesses. It’s not like Bikinis is settling down right in the middle of a pastoral residential area.

Bikinis Sports Bar

And being near so many medical facilities is an extra bonus to Bikinis customers when they suffer the inevitable heart attacks from gorging on fried pickled chips & chicken fried chicken.