Bikini Car Wash Saves FIU Cheerleading Program

• FIU’s cheerleader squad is back in business - thanks to a bikini car wash!

FIU cheerleaders bikini car wash

• Welcome back to New York, Manny Ramirez! Now get out of here.

• Interesting that Keith Norfleet, ex-boyfriend of Sahel Kazemi, would write & perform a rap about shooting someone to death.

• Also interesting is the fact that Steve McNair’s mistress put all her furniture up for sale on the day of her DUI & suspected gun purchase.

• Despite the tragedy, it doesn’t seem like the ex-QB is Hall of Fame-bound.

• Meanwhile, Steve McNair Jr. is getting serious offers from some schools.

LeBron all but Big Apple bound? The Knicks might not be able to afford it.

• Financial guru Lenny Dysktra is in deep financial doo-doo.

• The White Sox have a big problem in trying to find Bartolo Colon.

• An open swim at a Philadelphia-area club doesn’t seem so open, as African-American kids are ejected from the pool.