Biker Smashed In Spain During Failed Double Flip

Australian motocross racer Cam Sinclair remains hospitalized after a jump attempt during an event in Spain went terribly awry.

Cam Sinclair

BITTEN & BOUND reports that during the Red Bull X-Fighters event in Madrid this weekend, Sinclair was trying to pull off a double backflip. Unfortunately, he under rotated, and his body smashed into the ramp instead of his bike wheels. Video after the jump.

According to Sinclair’s official site, Cam suffered a broken shoulder, broken cheek bone, internal bleeding due to a ruptured liver, and bruising on his brain, while the impact of the accident knocked him unconscious. From the latest website update:

At this stage Cam remains in a critical condition, however has improved over night. He has opened his eyes and is responding to instructions to raise his arms and squeeze his fiance Brooke’s hand … the fact that he is responding to their commands is a really really good sign.

Just a couple weeks earlier, Sinclair was able to successfully pull of the stunt during a show in Texas:

Cam’s site promises to give further updates on Sinclair’s condition.

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