Big Brown Trainer Dopes Horse at Churchill Downs

Awhile back, we made a fabulously na├»ve comment about Rick Dutrow, Jr., offering a fresh and interesting (if rather braying) voice to the sports community that was entertaining and should be embraced. We’re kind of an idiot.

FDA drains a horse of blood

Dutrow can’t stop injecting himself into the news for all the wrong reasons. Now it’s because he can’t stop himself from injecting too many drugs into horses. The NEW YORK TIMES is now reporting that the Kentucky Horse Racing Authority caught him injecting too much clenbuterol into one of his horses a day before the Kentucky Derby for a stakes race.

He’s effectively admitted to the crime and will face a 15-day suspension and return the $20,000 purse. We don’t know if we really want to give him 15 days with nothing to do. Forget about worrying earnestly that a man that has experienced serious drug issues will have a relapse under the stress (though we do); we’re concerned that this will give him 15 days to talk reporters’ ears off.