Big Ben Sex Accuser Harassed By Phone Threats

And now some more news that will be more or less ignored by ESPN, save for 20 seconds on the early Sunday morning edition of “The Sports Reporters“: The woman who is accusing Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault is being assaulted once again - this time by phone threats.

Ben Roethlisberger Andrea McNulty

Andrea McNulty said she’s received more than 100 harassing phone calls & messages since filing a civil lawsuit against the Steelers QB. I don’t think that what it means to reach out and touch someone.

The RECORD-COURIER of Minden-Gardnerville, Nevada, dials up the details:

She said the callers left threats that “If you don’t stop this, something’s going to happen,” and calling her names.

Most of the telephone numbers were blocked, but deputies traced two telephone messages to Pittsburgh and Miami. They were unable to contact the callers.

McNulty said all the callers were men except one from “squealing girls.”

Deputies told her to keep a log of the calls and advised her to change her telephone number which McNulty said she would.

Some have questioned McNulty’s accusations at Roethlisberger, accusations that Big Ben vehemently denies. For example, why she didn’t report the alleged rape when it supposedly occurred in July 2008? But McNulty claims her bosses at Harrah’s pressured her to keep quiet. Coincidentally, Harrah’s is also named in McNulty’s suit.

If Andrea is in fact telling the truth about this horrible crime, then these crank callers should be ashamed of themselves. But if it turns out she’s lying, then receiving these types of phone calls is the price you pay for trying to cash in on ill-gotten fame at the expense of others’ innocence.

Still, nobody should ever call up & threaten to kill anyone. That’s not very polite in any situation.