Big Ben Battled In Big Game With 2 Broken Ribs

Ben Roethlisberger played Super Bowl XLIII with two fractured ribs.

Ben Roethlisberger Redskins cheerleader

Yet this he-man tough guy is afraid of cheerleaders?

Charles Barkley has sobered up enough since his wild New Year’s Eve to make a triumphant return to the TNT studios.

Tiger Woods is a proud papa once again, as he & wife Elin welcome little Charlie Axel into the world.

• A Red Sox fan gets to spend 9 months in jail for thrashing someone who tapped him with a Thunderstick.

• The new Dallas Cowboys stadium will have quite the in-house hoosegow.

A-Rod admits he took banned substances, but he’s not sure which ones.

• A high school swim coach gets shown the door after going off the deep end with his insulting & booster-paid-for t-shirts.

• Is there any real reason to tune in to the World Baseball Classic? Well, Ichiro might pitch a few innings for Japan.

• And the winner of today’s dogged Malik Rose caption contest is…

Malik Rose New York Knicks dog

Frank, with this cautious quip: Watch where you’re petting me, pal. Remember what happened to your old boss Isiah.

Thanks for playing. We’ll fetch another contest for you tomorrow.