Big 12 To Pac-10 On CU: You Invite It, You Own It

Here’s some Tweets I posted Sunday morning about the prospect of the Pac-16:

Utah to the Pac-10

If you asked the man who runs the Big 12, Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds, if he’d take back Colorado at this point - without Nebraska - wonder what he’d say?

For the uninformed, that’s a rhetorical question.

Now, what’s my basis for Utah joining the Pac-10?

As I noted earlier today:

One of CAA’s lead executives on the Pac-10 deal, Chris Bevilacqua, helped launch CSTV, the college sports network that CBS purchased in 2005 and is now known as CBS College Sports. He was also a former executive with SCP Worldwide, the entity that owns a Major League Soccer team in Salt Lake City — a potential market for Pac-10 expansion if the league ends up adding the University of Utah.

The fix may have been in all along for Utah, considering that the infamous Pac-10 plane visited Salt Lake City on June 3 and 11 - before visiting the Oklahoma and Texas schools last weekend.

So if you’re the Pac-10 today, how’s Utah and Colorado grab ya?

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