Beyonce OK as SI Swimsuit Covergirl better as Alice in Wonderland

BEYONCE, ONCE AGAIN: We’re not throwing away the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue just because the magazine desperately trying to stay afloat has Maxim-ized its marketing by putting a hot recognizable singer on the cover during Grammy season instead of its usual not-so-recognizable model.

But for our tastes, Beyonce’s coming out party as a covergirl came a few weeks ago when Vanity Fair ran a glossy ad for Disney Parks that included her with some other well-known celebs (like David Beckham) in Disney regalia for a campaign with the slogan “Where Dreams Come True.”

How true here:

Imagine Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland. Don’t need no looking glass there to see the Fantasyland potential. And you can thank us for cropping Lyle Lovett and Oliver Platt out of this pix.