Beware Of Medal Winning Olympians With Tattoos

With the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics set to take place tomorrow in Beijing, it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing word of medal winners who are busted for taking performance enhancing drugs. For you see, cheating is a tradition almost as old as the games itself.

Tattoo needles newest way to inject PEDs

Of course, as time moves on, life evolves and things get better. Whether it’s the athletes themselves or the manner in which those athletes cheat, there is always a race to stay ahead of the curve. With the strict testing policies of the IOC, Olympic athletes have to find cutting edge ways to stay ahead of the testers if they want to hold on to their medals. Which is why if you see any Olympians accepting their gold medal while covered in tattoos, you should probably be a bit suspicious.


Inserting drugs through tattoo needles increases the effects of drugs, meaning athletes can take smaller doses and “fly under the radar” in dope tests.

Research in Germany has shown that delivering DNA vaccines via tattoo was 16 times more effective than injecting through the muscles or veins as the vibrating tattoo needle prepares the body’s immune system and increases the body’s response to the drug.

So I guess we all finally know the reason behind Josh Hamilton’s recent success with the Texas Rangers. Still, even though this technique is pretty unheard of, former researcher for the Austrailian Institute of Sport, Robin Parisotto, thinks a few athletes can be using this new tattoo needle approach in Beijing.

“With some of these things the technology is so new, the concept so bizarre, that there would only be a handful of well tapped-in athletes using it - but they will be experimenting at the Beijing Olympics because it is the ultimate.

“The problem is that some of the drugs would now fly under the radar with the tattoo technique because athletes would be taking a much smaller dose.”

Well, just as long as none of the athletes are dumb enough to have “Insert Steroids Here” tattooed onto them anyway.