Bettman Flies JetBlue, Drinks Bud ‘From The Tap’?

FORTUNE magazine does the impossible this week, publishing a piece about NHL commissioner Gary Bettman that we found somewhat interesting. It’s not really a profile per se, but inside look at his daily life - with the focus on his travel habits.

Gary Bettman JetBlue

Now we’ve always pictured a big-time sports league commissioner jetting around on a Gulfstream furnished by the league. But Bettman claims he flies JetBlue on occasion. If that doesn’t confirm all the recent eulogizing of the NHL’s “Major League” status, we don’t know what does.

Bettman from the piece:

I mostly fly private, but I like the DirecTV availability on JetBlue. They also have XM Satellite Radio. I flew JetBlue a couple of weeks ago, and I was listening to our games the entire flight.

Bettman on JetBlue? We had him pegged as a “Big Front Seat” guy.

Gary Bettman Spirit Airlines

On beer:

I drink Bud Light - and I prefer it from the tap. I probably couldn’t taste the difference, but psychologically I like it from the tap.

Bettman Bud Light

Of course, Bud Light is the official beer of the NHL. With that in mind, does anyone really believe that’s what he drinks? Bettman hedges a little with the draft comment, to make his remark sound credible, but we don’t believe it for a second.

On wrinkled suits:

If I have to go on TV and my hotel can’t do a quick suit press, I turn the shower on hot, close the door, hang up the suit, and steam it for five minutes. My suits come back to life very quickly.

Betts baby, we’ve got just the deal for YOU:

Gary Bettman Suit Pressing

Finally, Bettman on what’s in his iPod on long roadies (Melissa!):

On long trips I’ll have my iPod Nano and Bose headphones. I’ll do classic rock - Grateful Dead, the Doors, Allman Brothers. I’m just a function of my age.

Artist’s dramatization of Gary on his monthly Nashville-to-Calgary hop:

Gary Bettman Rocks Out To Allman Brothers