BeThe Envy of the Neighborhood Kids With Your Own Will Ferrell Blades of Glory Halloween Costume

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell is certain to scare the kiddies with his Halloween get-up of Will Ferrell from “Blades of Glory“:

Blades of Glory Darren Rovell

• WAGGLE ROOM wants a 40% cut, as they tee off on news that Michelle Wie’s 2nd-straight agent has left the fairway.

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME shares the excitement over this beautiful goal.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS passes the test tubes to Mad Dr. Stern, who’s spent years in the NBA labs to create the perfect basketball specimen - Steve Nash?

Steve Nash

• The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES flushes away those critics who would poo-poo South Florida’s BCS spot at Number 2.

• ENTOURAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE predicts they won’t care who you pick in this weekend’s games.