Best Part Of SB Week (Besides Alex Smith’s Wife)

We don’t need to tell you that just because there are a lot of people doing the sports blogging thing doesn’t mean those blogs are worth reading. But when it comes to the Super Bowl, some choice bloggers saved Super Bowl week for us.

Alex Smith's Wife Carson Palmer Chris Mottram

First off, they made us realize that we should never, ever consider attending the week-long media charade leading up to the game - at least as a reporter. Second, over the past five days those folks have actually had the temerity to make things interesting. Not because the people and events covered were worthy of note, but because of the comedic and insightful writings of those bloggers. So here they are:

Chris Mottram of the THE SPORTING BLOG. Be sure and check out his “stalker” photo essay - which is the funniest thing we saw all week. More importantly, check out the photo of Alex Smith’s smokin’ wife.

Matt Mosley of ESPN’s HASHMARKS: One our new favorite blogs. Great tidbits every day, be sure and check out the post on Tim Cowlishaw of Around The Horn getting the “high hat” from a member of the “Entourage” cast.

Michael David Smith of FANHOUSE. Does the guy ever sleep? He machine-gunned out some highly entertaining reads from The Bowl. If you want to know what’s happening UP TO THE SECOND(!) in Phoenix, he’s your guy.

Ron Paul gets no votes despite genius marketing

(How is he everywhere, and still gets no votes?)

MJD of YAHOO SPORTS. Highlights: grapefruit bowling with Matt Leinart and Ray Lewis’ death fitness camp.

Two random girls from YARDBARKER: Watching a couple of the YB girls crash P. Diddy’s Super Bowl party was fun. That was about the only time we wished we were in PHO this week. Speaking of P. Diddy, how is he holding on? One more reason to kill Your MTV.

Those five blogs somehow kept us entertained through the week. And they are the best example of what sports blogs are really all about - a different perspective away from the god-awful pablum of the MSM.

One other thing: we watched about 23 seconds of ESPN’s SB coverage this week. And listened to ESPN radio even less (that would be, zero). Seriously, there is NOTHING THERE. Boring interviews, stale analysis. The worst.

The only thing we found interesting about ESPN this week, besides the Emmitt Smith bloopers, was Sean Salisbury’s remarkable weight gain.

(ed. note: if we missed your SB blog from PHO, email us so we can take a look)