Best MMA Fight? Herschel Walker vs. Dana White

You might recall last week, when Herschel Walker was signed to Strikeforce among giggles and wide-eyed stares. Yes, he’s one of the most athletic men of his generation and he’s well-trained in martial arts… but he’s 47 and hasn’t even played in the NFL since 1997, nor is he trained in MMA yet. The three words running through most peoples’ minds were “what,” “the,” and “hell,” usually in that order.

Herschel Walker Vikings
(…Sort Of!)

As you might imagine, Dana White caught wind of the news, and when pressed for comment, laughed for 45 minutes straight. Okay, that’s not true, but White ridiculed the signing and called it “dumb competition.” Typical White, really. Walker, upon catching wind of the news, decided the right thing to do was challenge White to a duel of fisticuffs. This should end well.


“Who ever made him the guy to measure athletic talent?” Walker said on ESPN First Take. “I don’t think Dana knows anything about athletic talent. He knows about fighters, which is different, but I will say this: He’s running a show right now with heavyweights and I’ll put dimes to donuts, all the heavyweights on his show right now I will beat. That’s pretty easy to say. I always tell people put their money where their mouth is. Dana says I’m so old? Why doesn’t he step into the ring with me?”

Walker claims that he works out six hours a day and he’s in even better shape now than he was during his playing days, and he said he could be fighting for Strikeforce before the end of the year.

Okay, two things. One: he could beat every heavyweight on TUF? We kind of doubt that. Two: better shape than his playing days? Oh, okay, then we’re just certain the NFL will be beating down Walker’s door at any moment.

Walker wasn’t done, though, and THE RUMBLE noticed Walker’s designs on going straight to the source and taking out White himself:

“Dana always tells people to put their money where their mouth is,” Walker said, in response to questions about White’s criticism of the Strikeforce promotion recently signing the 47-year-old footballer to fight contract. “I tell Dana if he thinks I’m so old, why doesn’t he step in the ring with me? He’s been practicing (MMA) as well. So maybe Dana and I can give all the money to charity.” 

Okay, look. We appreciate Walker’s aplomb when it comes to cutting promotions. But he doesn’t have a fight to promote yet; he’s just teasing us with things that will never happen. We don’t mean things like him beating every heavyweight on TUF, we mean ever getting the opportunity to fight anybody associated with White- or White himself for that matter.

So Walker deserves credit for us wanting to watch him fight even more than we did a week ago, even if we’re thoroughly convinced that this’ll be a Johnnie Morton-esque superfailure. At some point, though, it’s not going to matter what he says, just that this 47-year-old athletic freak of nature actually gets into the ring and performs as more than just a sideshow. Either that happens, or White’s right, no matter how many times Walker challenges him to a fight.