Best Damn Sports Show Polygraphed Ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis

Can this be true? We finally get to know the truth from Ray Lewis?

Ben Maller of reports today that “Ravens LB Ray Lewis took a lie detector test as part of a segment called ‘Best Damn Moment of Truth,’ a play off of Fox’s new popular reality show.

In the segment, which will air during Best Damn on Friday night (check local listings), Lewis is asked numerous questions.

Wow, that’s pretty amazing, that Lewis would submit to a lie detector test on national television.

Amazing that is until we find out the most interesting question posed to him by Ray Crockett (still on the show, right?) : “(Lewis was asked) if he was surprised the Ravens won the Super Bowl with Trent Dilfer at QB. He answered , ‘No.’ The polygraph disagreed.

Talk about the wrong damn question (of course, we wanted to know if he really did check out Billick’s Billiken in the ice bath).

Since we won’t be watching the show, as this is our Friday to collect bacterial samples under the Santa Monica Pier, we’ll take Maller’s word on the highlight of the segment. And we still miss Tom Arnold, who made the show almost more tolerable than an anesthesic-free colonoscopy.