Best Damn Sports Show Period Changes Name To Darn For Herman Edwards

BEST DAMN STRIPPER SHOW FINALLY FIRMS UP KC’S HERM: We’re really excited that our Kansas City Chiefs have begun to round into form, as the brain trust of Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards are on track to guarantee K.C.’s longest running tradition: Play just well enough to miss the playoffs while guaranteeing a dog poop draft placement.

Yes, it’s one of those things that those of us in Middle America like to hang our (oversized, cowboy) hats on. And now, thanks to a Jeff Flanagan report in the KANSAS CITY STAR, we have something else to be truly proud of.

John Salley FSN Best Damn Sports Show Period

Flanagan notes in his column today that Edwards has agreed to guest on FSN’s “Best Damn Sports Show, Period”, which is very big news in Cowtown. Apparently Edwards would not appear on the FSN production in the past because of the word “Damn” in the show’s title.

Best Damn Sports Show Period Bikini Girls By The Pool

So producers of the the ratings-impaired program took time out of their daily booking of adult entertainers for the show’s next host hookup party bikini contest to change the name of the show, for one day, to “Best Darn Sports Show”.

Edwards will appear on that day, Oct. 30., no doubt to discuss upcoming late season losses that will have Chiefs safely ensconced in the No. 17 draft position this offseason.