Bert Blyleven’s Dinner Plans Not Very Appetizing

Normally he just drops f-bombs on live television, but Minnesota Twins analyst Bert Blyleven’s going to embarrass himself in a different fashion on a live broadcast tonight at the Metrodome.

Bert Blyleven

(Can’t he just bring this shirt back and wear it on the air instead?)

Blyleven, whose father died of Parkinson’s Disease a few years back, is going to be indulging in a feast of sorts on the air to benefit the Parkinson Associaton of Minnesota. And what he’ll be eating is usually something that even the people on Survivor would look at and go “nah, I’m good, I’ll just eat this chunk of wood instead.”

It’s the opening weekend of fishing season in Minnesota (which is a huuuuuge deal up there), so Blyleven figures he might as well eat what the fish are eating. Yup, earthworms:

While most Minnesotans will use worms for the state’s fishing opener this weekend, Minnesota Twins television broadcaster Bert Blyleven will to eat two nightcrawlers during the Saturday, May 9, Twins pregame show as a fund-raising effort for Parkinson’s.

Fox Sports North, which telecasts Twins games, is televising the event during its pregame show, 6:30 p.m., prior to the Twins game against the Seattle Mariners. Replays and exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos will be on FOX Sports North’s Facebook page.

I’m all over those behind-the-scenes photos. If there’s something more exciting than seeing a retired pitcher eat worms, it’s still photos of they guy getting ready to eat worms. Well, at least we now know that Bert could hack it on the Amazing Race.

It’s for a great cause, so it’s hard to pile on Bert too much here. But couldn’t he have done a whole host of things that didn’t require him to eat bait? Can’t he just drop the c-word on the air and donate his FCC fine to the organization?

*UPDATE*: Here’s the video of Bert’s squirmy meal (fishing hat tip to AWFUL ANNOUNCING):