Blog-A-Rhythm: Bert Blyleven Loves To Pass Gas

• AARON GLEEMAN (by way of BIG LEAGUE STEW) gets wind of a vintage photo featuring Bert Blyleven letting out his secret joy:

Bert Blyleven loves to fart

Maybe Bert should get together with C.C. Sabathia.

• IPIKO via BOBCATS BASELINE drives up pics of the coolest car in Charlotte - a Bobcats-inspired Crown Victoria.

• CBS 4 in Denver finds Barack Obama taking on the press - in a game of pickup basketball.

• WITH LEATHER is getting sleeeeeepy, as a shotputter hopes to finally get gold through hypnosis.

• SIMON ON SPORTS is sad to see the retirement of their favorite tennis player - Gustavo Kuerten.

• WALKOFF WALK argues that if the Mets run off Willie Randolph, GM Omar Minaya should be told sayonara, too.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS wonders if the Dodgers feel scalped, as Braves GM Frank Wren says they knew the right time to get rid of Andruw Jones.

• WICKED GOOD SPORTS wonders why umpires wear uniform numbers.