Bernie Kosar Claims Brady Quinn Had To Be Held Down To Shave His Head

KOSAR - TEAMMATES RESTRAINED QUINN TO SHAVE HEAD: The only sports radio we’re listening to these days is afternoons on KLAC-AM with Petros Papadakis and Matt Smith. The two are unparalleled in their presentation and preparedness.

Petros Papadakis Matt Smith

That’s kind of a boring description of the duo, but trust us, if you want to drop your digit on the heartbeat of Lipstick City and the 25-34 set, go here from 4p-7p Pacific.

Brady Quinn Shaved Head

Tuesday Papadakis, who is a former USC running back (and team captain), said he watched the Browns’ last preseason broadcast - which featured Brady Quinn at quarterback.Petros claimed that during the course of the game, Cleveland TV announcer Bernie Kosar revealed that BQ “had to be held down” in order for his teammates to shave his head, and that the former Charlie Weis protege was near tears after the ordeal.

Papadakis: “That just proves he’s still a little bitch“.

Meanwhile the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER asks readers “What do you think of Brady Quinn’s new hair?”.

Not surprising, the majority of gay male respondents said they preferred his previous, Herculean locks.