Bern, Baby, Bern: Williams Says He’s Not Done Yet

One of the last times I saw Bernie Williams play at Yankee Stadium, he attempted to throw out a runner at the plate from shallow center field. And “attempted” is used loosely here, because the ball bounced twice and came to rest just inside the pitcher’s mound. That was 2006.

Bernie Williams

(”I’ll reel in the big free agents with smooth jazz”)

But despite a budding career as a musician, Bernie still has the baseball bug and expressed interest in making a comeback — though it appears he only would want to return to the Yankees. Your move, Brian Cashman.

Quotes from Bernie after the jump.

In Kevin Kernan’s NEW YORK POST column from yesterday, Bernie says he’s still keeping himself in shape just in case the Yankees decide they’re in the market for a 40-year-old “outfielder”:

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, especially with the way that Stadium is looking and to be a part of that experience,” Williams said at the Cutting Room on 24th Street. “It would be great.”

This just may be dream talk and movie hype, but Williams is convinced he could still play, and not just in a movie, if the opportunity presented itself.

“I’m looking to keeping my options open, keep working out,” explained Williams.

The movie hype Kernan speaks of is a film called Keeper of the Pinstripes, in which Bernie is slated to play the role of a street musician who eventually ends up playing for the Yankees. According to Kernan, it’s the first movie fully approved by the team since Pride of the Yankees. Now there’s a ringing endorsement. I’m just going to assume Hank Steinbrenner will be playing the role of Babe Ruth.

Now, Bernie could just be blowing smoke to bring some publicity to the movie, and maybe to his own musical career, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he still really thinks he can play and that the Yankees owe it to him. He seemed to be somewhat incredulous that the team wasn’t interested in bringing him back in 2007, despite declining offensive numbers in his last two seasons and his glaring inability to play the outfield.

Although, compared to what Melky Cabrera’s been giving them since he left, Bernie’s probably not the worst option available.

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