Bengals Scalp Redskins’ Offer For Chad Johnson

If Chad Johnson doesn’t want to play for Cincinnati, then the Bengals are making sure he won’t play for anyone else.

Chad Johnson Bengals

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the team turned down a trade offer from the Washington Redskins for the disgruntled receiver. In exchange for Johnson, the ‘Skins were willing to give Cincy their first-round pick for this year’s draft and a potential first-round selection in next year’s draft.

But coach Marvin Lewis maintained that the Bengals were not going to bid adios to Ocho Cinco anytime soon:

Lewis says the disgruntled receiver should keep his word and sit out the season. “I’ve stated our case with Chad,” Lewis said. “He has a contract through 2011. He’s stated without an opportunity to go to a different team and a new contract, he wasn’t going to play. I think he’s a man of his word and says he’s not going to play, so don’t play.”

Ball’s in your court, Chad.

Strangely, Lewis first denied reports of the Redskins’ proposal, but later admitted, “Once I actually read what was reported, I have to be truthful and say that the story is accurate, Unfortunately, I didn’t read it until after our press conference.”

Doesn’t Marv know that reading is fundamental?

Anyway, with Chad’s current holdout and the earlier heave-ho of Chris Henry, the Bengals’ offense might appear to be a little short-handed.

Shaun Alexander might be of some assistance, since he’s about to become jobless in Seattle.