Bengals QB Carson Palmer Knows He Needs To Be Calmer

CINCY QB CARSON KNOWS PALMER NEEDS TO BE CALMER: Carson Palmer is feeling a little bit on edge these days:

Carson Palmer Chad Johnson

The CANADIAN PRESS tempers the news of the Bengals QB blowing up a bit in recent games. Slogging through a 1-4 season will usually cause the claws to come out.

During a loss to the Patriots, Palmer got into a heated spat with Chad Johnson over a wrongly-run route - and the two continued jawing as they trotted off for halftime. And in last week’s loss to Kansas City, the cool-as-a-cucumber Palmer was red as a radish at another imcompletion to Ocho Cinco.

But Carson is trying to back off from his berating, and he’s attempting to turn over a new leaf before he becomes a Ryan Leaf:

I have lost my cool a couple of times, and I apologize for that. I’ll try to contain myself and be calm.”

Palmer says he’s going to leave the venting to the coaching staff. But if he can’t resist exploding, he now knows enough not do it in front of the cameras, “because that doesn’t need to be seen.” (But it does make for good highlights.)

Carson Palmer Hot Dog

Maybe Carson’s blood sugar is a little low. Biting into a big, meaty snack should help him feel better.