Bengals QB Bashes Buckeyes; Buzz Brawls Again

Carson Palmer admits that Ohio State Buckeye fans really drive him nuts.

Carson Palmer Brutus Buckeye

• Not satisfied with cussing out Will Leitch, Buzz Bissinger gets into a scuffle with NCAA security over camera issues at the College World Series.

• Sooner State NBA fans, get ready to roll with the Oklahoma City Thunder!

• U.S. Olympians are trying to mask their concerns over Beijing’s pollution.

• An Iowa football recruit takes it all off for a flight on foot from police.

• Soccer hooligans trading punches is nothing new - but it is newsworthy when it happens in Columbus, Ohio.

• Christmas comes early, as new Allison Stokke photos have arrived.

Josh Childress could take flight from the Hawks to play in Greece.

• Chowing down on beetles can get you free beer at the ballpark.

• Cubs fans can now reserve the right to purchase World Series tickets for a small $350 fee. In addition, we have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale - perfect for those Spring Training trips!