Coach Lewis To Chad: You’re Not Going Anywhere

Marvin Lewis has a message for Ocho Cinco: You’re not going anywhere.

Chad Johnson Marvin Lewis

The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER reports that the Bengals coach responded to rumors that the disgruntled receiver is on his way out: “No one within the Bengals organization has ever spoken of or ever uttered anything about trading Chad Johnson, nor will he be traded.”

Despite Ocho’s recent rants against his team - including accusations of back-door dealings - Lewis denies that the Bengals will be getting rid of him:

There is no such thing as behind-the-door dealings in the NFL. That does not occur because the team in question is not willing to trade their player, nor have they thought about trading their player or discussed trading their player, nor will they discuss trading their player. So I think that’s pretty clear. Things can move on.”

Sorry, Dan.

Ironically, while one Cincinnati player wants to leave town, another Cincy footballer won’t be allowed to stay.

Ben Mauk Cincinnati Bearcats

The NCAA has denied to give the University of Cincinnati’s Ben Mauk one last season to play. The Bearcats QB was hoping to get another year at Nippert Stadium, since he was redshirted in 2003 and spent most of 2006 injured while he was at Wake Forest. But the NCAA ruled otherwise, declaring his four years of eligibility used up.

Maybe Chad & Ben can trade uniforms - no one will know the difference, right?