Bengals Linebacker Tests Positive For Steroids

After the Bengals fell to 0-4 a couple of weeks ago, Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco Cero Cinco came up with a theory as to why the team was losing.   “We have cleaned house and nobody is getting in trouble anymore — no DUIs, no arrests.  Now we’re getting … whupped. I don’t know. Maybe I should go out, have a drink, get in trouble.”   Chad didn’t live up to his word, and as a result, the Bengals went and got beat by the Cowboys last Sunday.

Darryl Blackstock

Now it appears that somebody has heard Chad’s call to arms.   He didn’t get drunk and go driving around Cincinnati, get into any bar fights, or pick up any underage girls, but reserve linebacker Darryl Blackstock did get himself suspended.

From YAHOO!:

The NFL suspended Cincinnati Bengals reserve linebacker Darryl Blackstock for the next four games on Tuesday because he used a performance-enhancing substance.

The Bengals signed Blackstock as a free agent from Arizona in the offseason. He has played in all five games, including one start, and has four tackles. The fourth-year veteran said in a statement that one of his nutritional supplements contained an ingredient banned by the league.

“I’ve apologized to my coaches and teammates for an unfortunate mistake,” Blackstock said. “I did not intentionally violate the policy, but I know it’s my responsibility to use only approved nutritional supplements, and I didn’t realize I was taking an over-the-counter product that included a banned substance.”

Have you ever noticed that everyone who has been busted for steroids never did them on purpose?   They’re always saying it was due to a supplement they were taking, some cold medicine, or that they accidentally sat down on a needle loaded with steroids.

As far as how this is going to help the Bengals win on Sunday, I’m not sure it will.   It was a nice try by Blackstock to get that old Bengal Mojo going again, but I don’t think it counts unless you have to spend a night in jail.   Maybe somebody on the practice squad can go out and rob a convenience store or something.