Bengals Bounce Out Defensive Coord. & LB Coach

Beleagured Bengals QB Carson Palmer got his wish - sort of:

Carson Palmer Chuck Bresnahan Bengals

The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER reports that the Bengals have fired defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan and linebackers coach Ricky Hunley on Thursday. During his 3 seasons with the team, Chuck’s D never ranked higher than 27th in the NFL.

The firings come a few days after Palmer has expressed frustration with the Cincinnati coaching staff. But don’t blame him for the dismissals, as he had told the media, “I don’t make those decisions. I play quarterback.”

Bresnahan’s & Hunley’s booting also comes a day after Mike Martz was let go from the Lions, and two days after Mike Solari was chucked from the Chiefs.

So you other NFL assistants better be on your toes - or at least make a trip to the local Kinko’s to churn out some resumes.