Blog-O-Rama: Bengals Fan’s Bitchin’ License Plate

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers one Bengals fan taking creative license with his plates.

Bengals license plate

• WITH LEATHER ropes in the goings on at the Houston Texans cheerleader tryouts.

• MJD of YAHOO’S SHUTDOWN CORNER tunes in tonight, as Herschel Walker talks to “Nightline” about his personality disorder.

• DEADSPIN needs their heads examined, as Mike Tyson is offering psychological help to scatterbrained soccer players.

• BOSTONIST shoots over video of a Bruins fan paying tribute to his team in song - with an introduction en Francais, even!

• AFRAID OF ED HOCHULI does a double-take, as new Masters champ Trevor Immelman could be the third Sklar brother.

• SMARTER SPORTS BLOG invites you to caption a photo of athletes making astronauts of themselves.

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE pleads the case for Manny Ramirez being the best hitter of this era.