Benched, Tarvaris Jackson’s Mom Still Loves Him

Although Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was surprised the team had benched him for this week’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS finds his mother Sanque Jackson holding out hope.

She will be coming to Minnesota anyway, she said. She plans to arrive today.

“I’m not canceling my trip; he’s still on the team regardless,” she said from Montgomery, Ala. “It’s still his team whether he’s starting or not, so I’m supporting him. I’ll be there.”

We know she loves her son, but if someone treks all the way to Minnesota for an NFL game, I’m guessing the chance to see Adrian Peterson play is part of the deal.Gus Frerotte gets a rare start, and will surely be reminded of his visit to the headbangers’ ball a few years back. In other words, count on Jackson returning to play, soon. Just the same, she’s already lobbying for his return and for the team to do something crazy like throw the ball a bit more.

“But I don’t think they really gave him a fair shake because, if you’re running the ball more than you’re throwing the ball, then how is he going to be comfortable with his position? How’s he going to be comfortable passing to his receivers if he’s not been able to throw it enough?”

Fair enough, but here’s guessing Oklahoma learned the lesson way too late that it’s Adrian’s world, and his quarterbacks (*cough*, Jason White, *cough*) lose big games when his team gets away from giving him the ball. Is Minnesota next?

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