Buffs Ban Burney’s Blog After Bedroom Boasting

You may remember Ben Burney, the fifth-year senior cornerback for the Colorado Buffaloes with the big media aspirations. I have no idea if he ever finished his novel (“It’s basically sex on paper,” he explained at the time), or got to work on the feature-length movie he was planning. But I do know that his blogging career is now over.

Ben Burney

Burney was supposed to write a season-long blog for the university’s athletic web site, CUBUFFS.COM, describing life on campus from a football player’s perspective. The problem was that he made it a little too real, kicking things off by detailing waking up next to a woman in bed, and describing his libido.

The blog entry, appropriately entitled “The Sad Goodbye,” was heavily edited by the university - and was also Burney’s last. Burney said the blog was discontinued after the first edition appeared online Thursday evening when players reported for fall camp:

It began with a description of him waking early Thursday morning next to a woman in his bed, and graduated to mention his libido as he eventually made the point that reporting day for players is actually viewed as the end of fun times and freedom and the beginning of a regimented schedule and more disciplined lifestyle.

Burney said the blog was later edited without consulting him. He said the plan was for him to write the blog all season. He said he has since been told further editions won’t be necessary.

“I have been censored. They took parts out of my blog and they took it away from me,” Burney said. “It was my idea and it saddens me. They didn’t tell me why I got censored, they changed it and it was taken away from me.”

Burney said he doesn’t believe he crossed a line for what would be considered appropriate content on a athletic department Web site. He said he was simply sharing some honest insight into what life can be like for some college football players.

“I was just trying to portray how it is,” Burney said. “I wasn’t trying to be risqué or anything like that. I was just trying to make it realistic. I guess it was too realistic.”

More what Colorado had in mind I suppose is Jenny Barringer’s blog, in which she reports from the IAAF World Athletics Cross Country Championships in Berlin. Sample:

I moved into the athlete hotel yesterday evening. It’s fun to watch the athletes and staff all begin to gather in one place. The atmosphere of the World Championships really begins here in the hotels with the athletes in lounges, playing the Wii, typing away on the internet and physio in the next room. There’s nothing like being with the whole team preparing for our events, watching each other race and just experiencing the whole trip together.

Pfft, boring. Who did you wake up next to, Jenny?

You know, I expect a more enlightened attitude from a college community that includes a group called Republican Moms For Legalizing Marijuana.