Bell Still Has Baggage; Williams Carries It For Him

Let no one say that Roy Williams doesn’t have a sense of humor, and is likely a lot funnier than you. The Cowboys WR showed up in Detroit at a Halloween party wearing a costume that has the internet rolling on the floor with laughter, and one free agent running back likely fuming (while not looking for a job.)

Roy Williams

Williams attended old teammate Mike Furrey’s charity Halloween event wearing a bellhop’s uniform with a nametag reading T. Bell. You’ll recall Tatum Bell, after being replaced on the Lions roster by Rudi Johnson, decided to help himself to parting gift - a lovely set of luggage. Unfortunately the luggage was Johnson’s, complete with all his stuff inside. (More pictures, and video, after the jump.)

As seen in this video from FOX 2 Detroit, Williams also wore boxer shorts on the outside of his uniform, with “Rudi” on the front and “Johnson 32″ on the back. He apologized for the costume’s inaccuracy:

“They were actually Perry Ellis. But I couldn’t find Perry Ellis this afternoon so I came with the Polos.”

Roy Williams' Boxers

Everyone had a good laugh, but what about the butt of the joke: the still jobless Tatum Bell? Williams said he texted Bell asking him if it was cool, and received the go-ahead. If true, that means that Bell has managed to grown a sense of humor in the two months since he took the bags and snuck out of Ford Field like a child taking his ball and going home.

“I got Tatum’s approval. He gave the A-OK so that’s what I came as.”

The Lions annual Halloween party seems to be more mean-spirited than most. The stars of last year were Jon Kitna and his wife, dressed up as defensive coach Joe Cullen and Wendy, from the restaurant. Cullen had been arrested for, among other things, picking up an order from the Wendy’s drive-thru window naked. Here’s that costume:

Jon Kitna

Don’t you get the sense that, at 0-7, the Lions are laughing to keep from crying?