Blog Jam: Bell Babes Become Eagles Cheerleaders

• KISSING SUZY KOLBER rings up congratulations to the Bell Sisters, as all three lovelies landed spots on the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader squad.

Bell Sisters Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

• The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL knows the Brewers sure have a fun following. When it’s not the Honky Tonk Man showing up at Spring Training, it’s Larry the Cable Guy coming out for batting practice. We expect nothing less from a fan base that can create a 12-man beer bong.

• WALKOFF WALK hears that Ernie Banks wants his statue outside Wrigley Field to feature his voice welcoming fans to the Friendly Confines.

• If Aaron Rodgers is going to be the Packers’ main man, LARRY BROWN SPORTS isn’t sure why Green Bay would draft a QB in the 2nd round.

• Meanwhile, MR. IRRELEVANT is sure that MC Malcolm Kelly will do wonders for the Redskins’ next Super Bowl rap video.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS reveals that Illinois coach Ron Zook has made another rival in

• CRASHBURN ALLEY believes that baseball needs to bounce out batting averages.

• ON THE BASELINE serves up news that Maria Sharapova will be representing Russia at the Beijing Olympics.

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