Being Fat, Drunk And A Lions Fan No Way To Live

With the Titans’ loss yesterday, there’s really only one NFL quest that matters - the Lions’ quest for The Imperfect Season. And despite some anxious early moments, Detroit held up their end of the bargain on Sunday, blowing a 17-point lead in falling to the Buccaneers 38-20. It was touch-and-go for awhile, but the Lions stayed on track and at 0-11 have five easily losable games remaining to reach their goal.

Drunk Detroit Lions fans

(Detroit’s REAL BIG three)

But while the Lions aren’t good, they certainly are entertaining, albeit in a “rubbernecking at a car crash” sort of way. But if the team is a car crash, their fans are apparently a 20-car pileup on the interstate. At least these three fat, drunk fans in the parking lot after the game were (and probably weighed as much as a few semis, as well.)

Fatty video melee after the jump.

My favorite part is when Super Tubby convinces the Bucs fan to not give his friend a power bomb because “he’s a Philadelphia fan.” Because any fan from Philly is clearly a pacifist and should be exempt from all violence.

Video has been acting up - go here if embed is not working…

But the good news from this video is the Lions have found a new starting left side and center for their offensive line next week against the Titans. And I’m pretty sure that all three of those fans are thinner than Duante Culpepper.

You can certainly say that Lions fans are taking after the team’s Ford ownership: bloated and on the verge of total collapse.