No More Beer In Beijing? Hooters To The Rescue!

100% INJURY RATE needs a drink, as Beijing will be closing down some popular bars & restaurants before and during the Olympics.

SbB Girl Hillary at Hooters

(SbB girl Hillary serving up some fun at the Las Vegas Hooters)

Citing security concerns, authorities are boarding up some of the eateries & nightclubs located at Beijing Workers Stadium, where some of the Olympic soccer games will be held. The closures take effect 20 days before the Games begin.

So what’s a thirsty spectator to do? Luckily, there’s Hooters to the rescue!

The chicken wing chain with the hot hostesses say they’ll be open for business throughout the festivities. And fortunately for football fans, the Beijing Hooters is located just a quick hop, skip & jump away from the stadium.

Hooters Beijing girls

In an amusing side note, the Chinese name for Hooters translates to “American Cat Head Eagle Restaurant“.

Doesn’t that sound appetizing? And while dining among the Beijing boobies, don’t forget to enjoy a tall, cool glass of Bite The Wax Tadpole - also known as Coca-Cola.