Beijing Bracing For Bum Rush Of Bible Thumpers

While the media have clenched tightly about every possible infringement upon their ability to shoot a live remote at Tiananmen Square and show their integrity intact, another group of loosely affiliated advocates have been working on their own mission: slipping Jesus inside China’s borders.

Beijing Olympics logo

FAITHWORLD does an excellent job in collating the open discussion between evangelical groups and their target audience (athletes, visitors, evangelicals inside the country already, etc.) and the efforts taken by local authorities to prevent proselytizing by anyone.

While China has taken steps to limit open displays of religion before the Olympics, hysteria has poked its head through here as well. For example, you can bring your Bible with you to Beijing. (You may not want to bring 400 of them, though. That’s a little obvious.)

Members of Falun Gong, a quasi-religious organization that has faced serious repercussions in China for their practices, have shown concern for a reported rise in arrests, detainment, and possible deaths of their fellow adherents.

Still, as with all matters China, separating fact from fiction will be the challenge of all journalists examining the Olympics. We hope their ability to get a cool photo op on the edge of Tiananmen Square won’t determine their success in this matter.

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