Behind The Douches: “Gators Wear Jean Shorts”

It’s nice to know that the ORLANDO SENTINEL is apparently immune to budget cuts sweeping the newspaper industry. How else can you explain a 1000-word story on jorts?

Chris Leak and Tim Tebow in Jorts

Don’t like you’ve never wondered where the phrase “Gators wear jean shorts,” long the bastion of UF-haters everywhere, originated. Oh, you’ve never wondered? Well too bad, because in the finest piece of investigative journalism since the Pentagon Papers, the Sentinel has dug up the truth. And just in time for the FSU game too! How convenient.

It began with Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity members at UGA, according to Kevin Davis.

He and some of his Georgia fraternity brothers were in Jacksonville for the 1997 Georgia-Florida game. They were walking into the stadium.

“And on the way in we were being heckled by a Gator wearing jean shorts and a god-awful Florida tanktop, sleeveless — it was just disgusting,” Davis says now. “And he was calling us Gator bait and doing the Gator chomp.

“He looked to be in his 50s, yet probably because of all of his drinking and smoking, he was probably only 33.”

Finally, Davis says, he could no longer endure the man’s invectives. And so out it came, loud in volume and powerful in tone: “Gators wear jean shorts.”

Davis, now 32 and an attorney in Tampa, began to chant it. His fraternity brothers began chant it. Soon the entire Georgia student section began to chant it: “Gators wear jean shorts! Gators wear jean shorts!”

All right, first of all, obviously Davis’ claim is unprovable. It reeks of the tens of people who claimed they were the kissing sailor in the famous photograph, or Yankees fans claiming they invented the tradition of cheering with two strikes. (Really, they claim that.)

But, sure, why not, let’s go with it. Is there any better stereotype of U of F fans than a drunk fan in jorts and puka shell necklace with a pack of Skoal Bandits?

This Georgia fan knows what’s up: