A Preggo Boozer @ The K Not Named Bob Hamelin

Some stuff from my adventures in KC with SbB Girl Wendy. Here’s a fun photo from Sunday’s game:

Pregnant And Drinking At The Ballpark

(How Mickey Mantle Got His Start In Baseball)

I’m also happy to report that Kauffman Stadium looks gorgeous after a splendid renovation - and that the economy in KC is on the rebound. Why, just look at the photo. Clear evidence that Jackson County’s once-onerous sin tax is no longer contracting conspicuous consumption at the ballpark.

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s a celly sneak from Saturday night’s game:

Hot Girl Running At The Royals Game

I don’t recall why she was running, but I can confirm that pants-less, “extremely inebriatedformer Royal Jose Lind was not in pursuit. Everyone in town knows he’s the men’s room for attendant at Raytown BazOOkas on Saturdays.